Terraform là gì ?

Terraform là một công cụ xây dựng hạ tầng bằng ngôn ngữ lập trình ( infrastructure as code ).

  • Adopt
    • Compose infrastructure as code in a Terraform file using HCL to provision resources from any infrastructure provider.
  • Build
    • Infrastructure automation workflows to compose, collaborate, reuse, and provision infrastructure as code across IT operations and teams of developers.
  • Standardize
    • Establish guardrails for security, compliance, and cost management through role-based access controls, policy enforcement, and audit.
  • Scale
    • Extend workflow automation to all teams in the organization with self-service infrastructure as code and integrate with VCS, ITSM, and CI/CD.

Infrastructure as Code.

  • Use infrastructure as code to automate the provisioningof your infrastructure incude servers, databases, firewall policy and almost any other rsource.

Multi-cloud provisioning.

  • Deploy serverless function with AWS lambda, manage Microsoft Azure Active Directory resources, provision a load balancer in Google cloud and any more.

Manage Kubernetes

  • Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google and interact with your cluster using Kubernetes Terraform provider.

Manage network infrastructure.

  • Automate key networking tasks like updating load balancer targe pools and apply firewall pilicies.

Manage virtual images.

  • Build and manage virtual images with Terraform and packer.

Integrate with existing workflows

  • Automate infrastructure deployment through existing CI/CD workflows.

Enforce policy as code.

  • Enforce policy guardrails before your users create infrastructure using Sentiel policy as code.

Inject secrets into Terraform.

  • Use HashiCorp Vault to automate the usage of dynamically generated secrets and credentials with Terraform configuration.

Reference : https://developer.hashicorp.com/terraform/intro



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